It’s probably the question everyone asks themselves when they have a photo, artwork or piece of memorabilia to frame, “should I get this custom framed or just get a ready-made frame from one of the chain department or discount variety stores”?

Well, there’s a fair few great reasons you should choose custom framing….



If your item you are framing is valuable, doesn’t it deserve a quality frame for display?
Custom framers use higher quality frames that last longer, look better & suit what is being framed.

Ready-made frames or “cheap” frames usually are less durable & can break quite easily, they can also discolour or flake. Most of the time these frames are not even made of real timber. Having something precious framed like this can over time lead to damage of the item.

Professional custom framers use high quality acid free materials. There are also several glazing options with varying UV level protection intern protecting your framed item from UV light damage over time.



Professional custom framers will work with you in the design process of framing your item from start to finish. When choosing a frame, you always want to have an option that compliments the item rather than distracting or overpowering the piece.

Most framers will have showrooms with lots of samples to choose from that you can select an option that will not only compliment the artwork but can also tie in with their décor or styling.

Including matboards is a great option too, different colours can bring out parts of the image or artwork that will enhance the look. Sometimes, just a simple white mat can make it look amazing without detracting from the subject.



This is the best part of custom framing, whatever size or shape the item is you are framing, the frame will be the perfect fit & look great on the wall.

There’s really no limit to the imagination when it comes to the design of the custom frame.



Compared to a ready-made frame, the simple answer is ‘yes’, but like anything professionally custom made there will always be a higher expense.
If your item you are framing is of high value then you should look at it as an investment.
Ready-made frames may cost less initially but could cost more in the long term.

Framed pieces are often displayed where everyone can see them in the home or office & commonly seen by friends & family. Over time having a custom framed piece on your wall will give you piece of mind that you made the right choice in spending a bit more to have a finish you are happy with & will treasure for years.

Most custom framers will offer no obligation free designs & quotes.

After all, this is custom frame designed by you, using quality materials constructed & assembled by experienced professionals that will last for years & years.

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