Beautiful And Colourful Flower Picture In A Frame

The beauty of a photograph can often be enhanced by the way it is presented. A well-selected frame showcasing your picture can elevate its visual impact, evoke emotions and transform it into a piece of art. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a beginner or someone wanting to frame a personal picture, this blog will guide you through the best ways to frame your photos. Let’s reveal creative ideas that will breathe life into your pictures and make them shine.


Prioritising the quality of your frame is paramount in photo framing. Frames are not just decorative borders for your photos; they also provide a shield against external elements like dust, sunlight and moisture that can degrade your precious photos over time. Additionally, a good-quality frame complements the photo, enriching its overall visual appeal.

Here are a few elements we consider when selecting a frame for your photo:

  • Material Quality: We offer frames crafted from high-quality wood. Wooden frames are not only sturdy, but they can also easily integrate with your décor.
  • Colour: The frame should not only complement the item being framed but also blend with its surrounding décor. Considering where the piece will be hung helps us select a frame colour that ties in with the rest of the space, ensuring a harmonious visual balance.
  • Style: By understanding your tastes, the intended location of the framed piece and the colours surrounding it, we offer recommendations that resonate with your interior design.


The balance between the photo and frame size is important for showcasing your pictures effectively. An oversized frame can overwhelm your photo, drawing attention away from the image itself. Conversely, a frame that is too small might make your photo appear squeezed and confined. As a general guide, aim for a frame that is 2-3 inches larger than your photo for an aesthetically pleasing result.


The style of your frame can impact the overall feel of your photo. Here are popular styles to consider:

  • Classic Frames: These frames offer a timeless appeal and are typically best suited for formal pictures like family portraits or wedding photos.
  • Rustic Frames: With a touch of country charm, rustic frames work well for nature photos or landscapes.
  • Modern Frames: Characterised by sleek lines and minimalist designs, modern frames are ideal for abstract or contemporary photos.


Matting your photo can enhance its visual prominence within the frame. A mat acts as a buffer space between the photo and frame, accentuating the photo and making it the centre of attention.

Here are tips to help you choose the perfect mat for your home:

  • Colour: The mat colour should complement the photo without overpowering it. Safe choices are whites and off-whites, but don’t be afraid to use bolder colours if they highlight a hue in your photo.
  • Size: The mat should be wider than the frame to create a visual break between the picture and the frame.


The type of glass you use in your frame also plays an important role in the preservation and display of your photo. We offer a diverse selection of options, each with unique attributes:

  • Premium Clear: This is a high-quality standard picture framing glass that offers a decent 35% UV protection.
  • Conservation Clear: With a 99% UV protection rating, it is excellent at preserving your precious photos. It comes with a normal reflection level.
  • Art Glass: This option is non-reflective and provides 70% UV protection.
  • Museum-Quality Glass: Though more expensive, museum-quality glass offers the highest level of UV protection, ensuring the longevity of your treasured photos.


At Gold Coast Printing & Framing, we understand the importance of preserving your photos in a way that truly reflects their significance. Our team will help you preserve and showcase your cherished memories. To schedule a free consultation and discuss the best options for your specific needs, give us a call.

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