The Art of Fine Art Framing

You’re visiting the home of a new friend and as you’re wandering through a room, a piece of art stops you in your tracks. But It’s not just the artwork that holds your gaze, it’s also the beautiful frame that cradles it. The right frame can transform a piece of art and elevate it from good to spectacular. In this article, we’ll venture into the world of fine art framing—where every detail matters.

The Craftsmanship Behind Custom Frames

Let’s begin by looking at the elements of what goes into making a frame:


Crafting a frame is a meticulous process. It’s about choosing the right materials and ensuring each piece fits just right, enhancing the artwork it surrounds.

Custom vs. Mass-produced

While store-bought frames are convenient, they often lack that personal touch. Custom frames, on the other hand, are tailored to fit the artwork, making them stand out.

Preserving Art’s Integrity: The Role of Quality Framing

When we talk about framing, it’s easy to focus solely on aesthetics. However, a frame’s role goes much deeper than just presenting the artwork in a flattering light.

Appearance Enhancement: At first glance, a frame accentuates the artwork. It can make colours more vibrant, highlight intricate details and give the piece a polished, complete look.

Preservation Techniques: Quality frames are designed to protect artworks from many potential threats. Whether it’s harmful UV rays that can fade colours, moisture that might warp the canvas, or even dust and pollutants that can dull its shine, a good frame acts as a barrier. By using materials like UV-protective glass and acid-free matting, frames ensure that artworks remain untouched by time and external elements, preserving their original charm for years to come.

A Journey Through Time: Evolution of Art Framing

Framing, like art, has its history and evolution:

Historical Overview

Over the years, the art of framing has adapted to changing creative trends and preferences.

Modern Innovations

Today’s frames combine traditional techniques with modern touches, offering both style and durability.

Framing Choices: Matching Art with the Perfect Frame

Choosing the right frame is more than just a game of mix and match, there are several elements involved that need to be considered by a trained eye.

Colour Coordination: The colour of a frame plays a key role in how an artwork is perceived. It’s not just about picking a shade that matches; it’s about understanding the emotions and depth the artwork conveys and selecting a colour that amplifies that. A well-chosen hue can draw attention to specific elements within the artwork, create contrasts, or even set a mood. For instance, a deep mahogany frame might lend a sense of gravitas to a classic portrait, while a light birch wood frame could enhance the breeziness of a coastal landscape.

Style Compatibility: Beyond colour, the style and design of the frame are essential. It’s essential to ensure that the frame’s style resonates with the era, theme and essence of the artwork. A baroque, ornate frame might be perfect for a renaissance painting but could feel out of place with a minimalist modern art piece. Similarly, a sleek metal frame might be ideal for a contemporary print but could clash with a vintage watercolour. The key is to strike a balance, ensuring the frame supports and complements the artwork, rather than competing with it. It’s about creating a cohesive look that feels both natural and curated.

Beyond the Frame: Additional Services Offered

As well as traditional framing, printing is a fantastic way to showcase art, from HD Metal printing to Acrylic facemounts, offering a fresh perspective on the original work. At Gold Coast Printing & Framing in Burleigh Heads, we’re passionate about bringing art to life. Whether you have a cherished photo to print or a piece of fine art that needs framing, we’re here to help you showcase it in the best possible way. So, if you’re looking to give your artwork the frame it deserves, drop us a line. Let’s make art shine together.

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