A Guy Holding A Panoramic Picture In A Frame

You’ve just returned from an epic adventure and captured one panoramic shot that takes your breath away every time you glance at it. It’s not just a photograph; it’s a ticket back to the same moment. Now, imagine that picture perfectly framed and hanging on your wall—a constant reminder of the beauty you’ve witnessed. But how do you choose the right frame to do justice to such a wide-angle shot?

The right frame is more than just a boundary; it’s a bridge connecting the viewer to the scene. It’s crucial, especially for panoramic pictures, because the wrong frame can crop the image, while the right one can amplify your visual experience.

Determine The Ideal Size For Your Panoramic Frame

The dimensions of your frame are important for panoramic photos. If the frame is too small, it won’t capture the photo’s expansive beauty. If it’s too large, the photo will seem insignificant within it.

Consider the Scale

Think about where your picture will hang. What’s the wall space like? You want the frame to fill the space without overwhelming it.

Balance the Proportions

Your panoramic should be the star, so choose a frame that complements it in width and height, creating harmony.

Leave Room for Matting

A mat can enhance your picture, but it also adds size. Account for this in your measurements.

The Impact Of Frame Material On Your Panoramic Display

The material of your frame can influence the ambience of your panoramic picture. A sleek black frame can add a touch of sophistication, while a distressed timber frame might bring warmth and rustic charm. The material you choose should resonate with the spirit of your panoramic shot and mesh with the room’s décor.

Which Is The Best Frame Style For Panoramic Pictures?

When it comes to panoramic pictures, the frame style you choose can significantly enhance the visual impact of your wide-angle capture. The best frame style should complement the picture without competing for attention, allowing the sweeping views to take centre stage.

Modern Black

For a sleek, timeless look, a modern black frame offers classic sophistication. It’s versatile enough to support a range of panoramic scenes.

Ornate Range

If your panoramic picture has a more classical or vintage feel, an ornate frame can add a layer of richness and depth.

Stained Timber

Stained timber frames bring out the inherent beauty of the wood, offering a warm, organic border that can harmonise with both traditional and contemporary panoramic shots.

Distressed Timber

For a more relaxed, coastal vibe, distressed timber frames, with their weathered appearance and soft styling, pair wonderfully with panoramic images.


Minimalist and understated, contemporary frames are the go-to for modern art pieces, ensuring the panoramic view is the focal point of the display.

Whether your image is a stark, dramatic landscape, a vibrant cityscape or a serene beach scene, choose a frame style that complements it perfectly.

Avoid Common Mistakes In Panoramic Frame Selection

To avoid common mistakes:

  • Don’t Compromise on Quality: A high-quality frame protects and enhances your picture.
  • Avoid Over-Decoration: Let the panorama speak for itself; the frame should not distract.
  • Consult the Experts: When in doubt, professional advice can be invaluable.

Bring Your Panoramic Views To Life With Custom Framing

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